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Three people on a computer undergoing an infographic training

Workshop participants learn the ropes of visual storytelling.

After several months of trying to figure out what an innovation training workshop in Georgia might look like, we decided to implement a new training on infographics for civil society organizations in the country.

This concept was so new to Georgia that, at first, we struggled to find a consultant to help. Finally, after a few failed negotiations with experts from other fields, we found just the group.

Having worked with the team from Elva before, we knew they would have just the right mix of on-the-ground experience and technical know-how to make the workshop a success.

Last week, roughly 30 civil society organizations working in the area of conflict resolution and peacebuilding came together in Tbilisi to participate in a workshop on innovative reporting methodologies.

As part of our project’s aims to strengthen the civil society working in conflict resolution and peacebuilding, we decided to organize a unique training for our partner non-governmental organizations. We thought this would be a great opportunity for them to learn cutting edge methods of reporting as well as digital presentation of project results and impact.

The participants were introduced to Piktochart – a user-friendly software that helps create visual stories to engage people. They also had the opportunity to practice by creating visually dynamic reports of on-going projects.

samples of infographics

We’re just beginning but our partners had fun using photos, video links, and bright colors to showcase their work on the ground

The acquired knowledge will now help civil society organizations upgrade and improve their reporting and presentation design skills for both the donor community as well as the public at large.

Have you used Piktochart?

What are some of your favourite examples of infographics that spice up humdrum reports?