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Join me this week from Qatar

As we speak, leaders of civil society, think tanks, academic and public institutions from Europe and the Arab States are building networks and sharing experiences between the two regions.

UNDP’s special event, sprinkled by the spirit of the Power of One inter-regional learning exchange, will take place in Doha, Qatar on 20 February 2014 and will be part of a wider Arab States South-South Development Expo organized by the United Nations and the State of Qatar.

The Expo, focused on showing and scaling-up of development solutions crafted and tested in the Arab States, will be our platform to reach over 400 Expo participants, but we will not limit ourselves to a single region and ready-made solution sharing.

While at the Expo, we want to generate quality discussions on themes and concrete development initiatives that partners from the two regions can co-develop.

From the Solidarity Fund based in Poland, the Moldovan Resource Center for Human Rights NGOs or the Sofia Platform based in Bulgaria, through Egypt Foundation for Youth and Development, the online journalists from Mada Masr or the Citizenship Forum from Morocco, to Carnegie Middle East Center and the Brookings Doha Center, our participants come from a number of organizations with different objectives.

But most of all, they believe that political, social and economic transitions are tumultuous periods of change that don’t happen in a vacuum and that civil society has a role to play in effecting change within and beyond their communities.

Join me as I (@ewa_zgrzywa) tweet live from the First Regional Arab States South-South Development Expo taking place in Doha, Qatar on 18 to 20 February 2014 and from our Special Event on Thursday, 20 February.

Look out for the hashtags: #ASSD14 #crossreg. Hope to see you online!