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I just arrived in Chisinau, Moldova for our regional data journalism bootcamp!

The energy even before the event has started is more than promising.

My colleagues from the anti-corruption team, Camilla and Ira, gathered over 30 young journalists from across the region, as well as Michael Bauer from the Open Knowledge Foundation, who flew in directly from the 5th International Conference of Crisis Mappers conference in Kenya, and that’s just the beginning!

What are we planning to do?

The agenda is packed. We will be digging into a variety of issues related to data journalism:

  • Its legal aspects
  • Obtaining and working with public data
  • Mapping and geocoding
  • Visualization

But most importantly we’ll be playing with data!

Milena Marin from the School of Data and Michael Bauer from the Open Knowledge Foundation will be running a data expedition – a hands-on workshop, during which we will be working on the data sets obtained from the Moldovan E-governance Center.

What do we want to achieve?

Josh Boissevain, who’s joining us for the event, tweeted yesterday:


I couldn’t agree more! With this very interesting bunch in the room, with all the experts who will be there with us during these two days, it seems that even sky is not the limit!

How to follow the event?

This is a workshop for 30-some people, but it wouldn’t be a fully journalistic workshop if we weren’t reporting from it and spreading the gospel of data journalism to every one of you!

Follow the event on twitter #datajcamp13 and look out for new blog posts from participants – coming soon!

*This post was originally published on Justyna’s Life & Dev blog.