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HuRiLab’s first social innovation camp was held on 28-30 June 2013.

With HuRiLab 2.0, anyone interested in shaping human rights and justice programmes can now have their say.

Innovation is quickly becoming the buzzword in the human rights and justice world. Just a couple of years ago, the people of Iceland used crowdsourcing to have their pleas for a new constitution heard.

And then there’s Innovating Justice, a web-based platform which aims to support people and organizations in need of innovative solutions to justice issues. Just last month, 20,000 votes were cast to determine which of 93 visionary ideas devoted to human rights and justice will be implemented.

Initiatives like these are empowering people around the world to meaningfully participate in promoting and fighting for human rights and justice.

Our Rule of Law, Justice and Human Rights UNDP team also sees the potential of innovation and 2.0 tools in protecting human rights, increasing access to justice and strengthening the rule of law.

Earlier this year we organized the first Social Innovation Camp on human rights and justice, which we dubbed HuRiLab (Human Rights Innovation Lab). Activists and colleagues from Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Montenegro and Ukraine gathered in Armenia to develop viable ideas to advance human rights and increase access to justice.

We realized that as important as this experience was, we would need to go beyond holding events in order to see innovation become an integral piece of human rights and justice projects.

As a first step, we decided to create a space where anyone – from project managers to individual activists – could share innovative solutions and find partners to move human rights and justice agendas forward.

This became HuRiLab 2.0, which will be an open space for access to inspiration, support and outreach, as well as a forum to promote ideas that will benefit many people, primarily disadvantaged and vulnerable groups.

What’s new?

  • IdeaBox is a new section of the site for sharing your ideas for potential future projects, or projects you’re carrying out to publicize or get feedback. You can also check out realized projects and practices for inspiration.
  • Hangouts will be another channel of interaction, bringing you the ideas of practitioners and academics who have piloted innovative projects in the sphere of human rights and justice.
  • Facebook and Twitter posts will keep you updated on trends and toolkits that can help you design or redesign your projects.

Our vision is to make the HuRiLab website a true marketplace of ideas, and we will be engaging with partners from diverse backgrounds to make this happen.

Help HuRiLab grow!

HuRiLab is designed for you, so we’d love to have some feedback on what we’ve done so far and what you think would make a great addition! Feel free to visit our site and join the HuRiLab community to help us brainstorm!

What features would you like to see on the website? Did we miss anything?