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This is a massive week for open government – over 1,000 delegates from all over the world are gathering in London for the Open Government Partnership Annual Summit.

I was lucky enough to get an invite thanks to Bright Spots, a competition which the Open Government Partnership (OGP) team ran ahead of the summit to solicit compelling stories of #opengov projects.

I wanted to tell the story of Open Ideas for Montenegro (in Montenegrin), a social innovation project that UNDP helped run in Montenegro last year. So I used the 350 words limit to describe our process to the best of my ability, in hopes of getting a chance to present on the main stage.

I am now en route to London and could not be happier. My fellow #opengov aficionados (and competitors!) come from Estonia, Romania, Georgia, Chile, the Philippines and Indonesia – we will each have no more than seven minutes to tell our story and fight for the attention of the crowd. And a prize!

I’m going to be talking about how to get citizens involved in leading positive change in the country – thanks in part to a mobile app we developed (See: Can a mobile app help you be a responsible citizen?)

I invite you to tune in and follow the live stream – there are some new twists in my story! There are three slots for the Bright Spots – I will be on in the afternoon of Summit Day 1, 31 October. Wish me luck!

Let me leave you with these tips:

  1. Follow the Twitter stream with #opengov and #OGP13 on Thursday and Friday

  2. Check out Open Knowledge Foundation’s blog on the just released Open Data Index (some interesting findings there)

  3. My favorite quote of the week: “Transparency is an idea whose time has come.” Francis Maude, UK Cabinet Office Minister

Hope to see you online!