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Roma and health is the focus of the latest research paper (part of our ever expanding series) based on data from the survey UNDP did together with the World Bank and the European Commission in 2011. (See: Roma inclusion: Moving beyond the research ivory tower)

Within the Decade of Roma Inclusion, health is one often neglected areas, even though it is equally important as the other priorities (education, employment and housing).

Seeing Roma children running in cold winter outside without proper clothes and shoes one can wander what is their health situation.

The paper by Dotcho Mihailov looks at the health situation of Roma communities.

One of the conclusions is that we should aim to build more inclusive national health systems instead of addressing Roma health through building parallel Roma only mechanisms.

Unless the issue of Roma exclusion is addressed as part of mainstreamed policies, the idea of Roma inclusion remains a hollow slogan.

Here is the paper! (See also a concise overview of the findings)

The health situation of Roma communities

Policy brief – Roma health

The papers from the Roma Inclusion Working Papers series already released:

Other resources based on the data from the survey:

The results from the UNDP / World Bank / European Commission survey were released online, as a publically available presentation and data sets.

What’s next? An in-depth analysis of the housing situation of Roma communities to be released next week.

Stay tuned!