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Can we help move the policy debate on Roma beyond myths and ground it in data?

This is the challenge that I set myself as I put together this presentation which summarizes the best evidence we have available on the issue of Roma inclusion.

In it, I try to tackle some of the recurring themes that have emerged through the Decade of Roma Inclusion, including, among others:

  • Who are the Roma? (it’s not as simple as you might think)
  • Why, after massive investment in Roma inclusion in the last decade, so many Roma prefer to leave their country of origin and move westwards?
  • Can we claim that we made progress based on the evidence available?
  • Three myths about Roma data (we don’t need it, we don’t have it, we can’t have it)

A presentation on a topic so complex is by definition a work in progress. I welcome comments and suggestions that can help build a strong, evidence-based case for Roma inclusion.

It is needed to inform the policy debate and move it forward for real change – as well as monitor and assess that change (or hold governments accountable when it is not there).