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Yes yes, we are a bureaucracy. And no, you won’t get to slide to your office Google-style, but we still think we have a fun working opportunity if you are into social media and innovation.

Our team helps colleagues develop the next generation of services for our national partners (primarily governments). What this means is that we spend quite a lot of time scouting the development and private sector for emerging trends and innovative solutions that can help deliver better results in the areas of governance, environment and poverty reduction, among others. We then adapt those solutions to our context and help colleagues test them out, following agile development principles. If they prove to be successful, we assist others in taking them up.

So the most important quality we will be looking for in our new team member is a great deal of curiosity, the ability to conduct independent research and build partnerships with external organizations. You can expect to be involved in very diverse projects ranging from applying complexity theory for better monitoring of results to challenges to solve intractable development problems, from political risk analysis based on big data to organizing social innovation events. And we hope you’ll push us to explore areas that we cannot even imagine right now, provided they bring tangible benefits to our partners.

We will also expect you to live and breathe social media and help us run our social media channels. Our main interest is not in PR or pushing out our message. We don’t measure our success according to how many Facebook likes we have (not that we mind them :)) and indeed you will help us refine our metrics for engagement. We are much more interested in exploring how social media can help us develop meaningful relationships, spot new opportunities for building partnerships and tap into external expertise that can benefit our project managers. We are very proud of the fact that our blog is written largely by development experts, not by PR professionals. And we are very well aware of the fact that the best knowledge often sits outside our walls and that diversity fosters innovation. So if you bring a diverse background and a well established network of professionals beyond the “usual suspects” as part of your CV, we will certainly pay close attention.

If this sounds like you, please consider applying.

(PS. We don’t have slides in the office but you can rely on a regular supply of cookies :))

  • Is there any vacancy for a film producer/director from Nigeria.

  • This sounds like a great opportunity and I look forward to applying!

  • A really interesting position. Not the usual run of the mill indeed. 🙂 Look forward to applying.