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Vaira Vike-Freiberga, former President of Latvia, political leader from the region, and active international advisor, will speak about emerging donors, transition experience and the Eastern Partnership at the Kapuscinski development lecture in Tartu, Estonia on 27 November 2012.

You can watch the lecture live at 1:15 pm CET / 2:15 pm EET and join the conversation on Twitter @kapulectures (See dates and times around the world). Use #kapu in your tweets!

Former recipients of development aid are now sharing their transition experience and supporting poorer nations.

  • How can developing countries benefit from the know-how of the European emerging donors such as Estonia, Latvia, Poland or Czech Republic?
  • Are donors and recipients of aid within the Eastern Partnership on the same wavelength?

“There must be both political will and local capacity on the recipient side, while donors have to invest significant efforts into collaborating with recipients and being responsive to local needs and sensitivities.”


The lecture is part of the Kapuscinski development lecture series organized across the European Union by the European Commission, UNDP and partner universities.

The event in Tartu is hosted by the EuroCollege of the University of Tartu.

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