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I’m excited to announce the launch of a new site where citizens living in Yerevan can flag issues in their city, map them, suggest their own solutions and get feedback. The site provides the opportunity for real-time communication between citizens and the respective departments of the Yerevan Municipality.

The site was launched yesterday by the Municipality of Yerevan, with city officials keen to have a new tool for direct and open dialogue with citizens. They also want to share their own ideas and projects with citizens and get direct feedback.

These types of online platforms for citizens are usually started by NGOs or activists, and that’s why this project makes me so proud of our Municipal partners, who have thoroughly embraced the concept. They deserve a big congratulations for breaking new ground.

Less than 24 hours after its launch, the website already features several proposals from citizens, as well as proposals for public discussion from the Yerevan Municipality.

Some hot discussions are already taking place on the Mayor’s Facebook page between supporters and critics of the new platform and the ideas people have shared.

It sure beats the days when a citizen had to go to city hall in person, fill out a paper form, stand in line, and wait for too long for something to happen.

We are now going to closely monitor activity on the website until the end of the year and we’ll update you on its progress.

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