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This is pretty cool. Four Ukrainian students developed special sensor gloves that wirelessly translate sign language into smartphone voice messages.

Their project won the Microsoft Imagine Cup – a global technology innovation competition for students. A representative from Microsoft presented the project at last week’s Meet Up at Kyiv National University* during the Social Good Summit.

Techies from Microsoft and Intel, professors of cybernetics and robotics, researchers and innovators, activists and journalists were all talking about how we can use technology to improve people’s lives.

Three 13-year olds from Kyiv presented their Green City project, which earlier this year was a finalist of the Global Google Science Fair competition.

Using a basic smartphone with GPS and a chemical sensor, the young inventors created a map of the most polluted areas in Kyiv.

Head of the Justice Department in Kremenchuk, Natalia Protsenko shared her experience of providing free legal counsel to people in rural areas via Skype.

The UNDP team presented a new crowdsourcing platform The Future We Want (in Ukrainian), that will allow citizens to choose the topic of the next National Human Development Report based on how they answer this question:

What should be done to improve the quality of life in Ukraine and your environment?

The technology available today is pretty amazing, but the real question is: how we can use it to improve people’s lives. I also noticed that young people are leading the way.

Did you follow the Social Good Summit? What were your impressions?

What’s your favourite example of how we use technology for social good?

*The Social Good Summit “Meet Up” was organized by Kyiv National University, the National School of Journalism, UNICEF, UNV, and UNDP.


  • Great post, Yevgeniy! Thanks for sharing. Yes, I followed the Social Good Summit. I really liked the event, it was really a very interesting gathering of people with wonderful ideas and experience of their implementation.