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Pristine north of Montenegro, near Mojkovac

Pristine north of Montenegro, near Mojkovac

Several months ago we wrote about an idea of using geo-location social networks to promote tourism in the north of Montenegro.  Since then, we’ve seen an upward trend in using these types of services globally and recent research points to their increasing potential for business development.

UNDP in Montenegro partnered with two institutions nationally to put the idea of using Foursquare for tourism development to the test- DigitalizujMe, a grassroots movement that brings together Montenegro’s digital community, and DomainMe, a for-profit company with strong corporate social responsibility related to youth.

Two weeks ago, this idea was one of six winning proposals of the first ever UNDP Innovation Fund contest. Our plan: empower communities to use new technologies to create and promote tourism products in the north of Montenegro.

You’re invited to participate in the creation of Foursquare tourist routes in the north of Montenegro. Our success in this project will largely depend on your help, your ideas and your willingness to work with us.

This call to action is the first step in our prototype and a first opportunity for your involvement!  We wish to create and map on Foursquare, five tourist routes in northern Montenegro. Each of them will represent a thematic story and will connect multiple locations so that interested tourists are able to explore the northern gems of Montenegro on their own, simply using Foursquare. We aim to create and map routes that are designed for a two-day tour.

What kinds of routes do we have in mind? Here are our ideas:

  • Stećci – medieval tombstones
  • Mountain lakes
  • Bird watching hotspots
  • Old churches and monasteries on Komova Mountain
  • Medicinal Herbs 
  • Photo tracking
  • Rare plant species 
  • Medieval cities
  • Eco-villages
  • Forest fruit

This list, of course, is not fixed – you are welcome to give us your suggestions. Please vote for your favorite ideas on Facebook – this will help us finalize the top five routes which will be covered in this project. We will then form five teams – each of them will be responsible for one route and will bring together those people who are knowledgeable on that topic. By the end of August, these five routes will be completed and available to users of Foursquare – well-known bloggers and adventurers from the region will test and write about these routes in September.

If you are interested in participating in a team responsible for one of the above topics, or if you have an idea for an interesting route that is not on our list, please sign up. Send us a message on our Facebook page and join the project. Your message should contain basic information about you and the topic you’re interested in, and please let us know whether you have a smart phone – this is important because it enables the teams to use Foursquare services throughout the duration of the project.

Please vote, propose new ideas and get involved. Foursquare for Development is the first project of its kind in Montenegro – let’s do it together and make it a success. See you on Foursquare!

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 *This post was originally published on the UNDP in Montenegro website

  • Bill

    Love the Balkans and cant wait to go back for a visit one day. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  • Arianit

    The idea is short-sighted. The data ends up as foursquare property, not Montenegro’s. They can lock it up anytime.