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Youth Employment and Migration programme - team in Turkey

Meet our United Nations team working on youth employment and migration in Turkey.

  • Emre Yilmazturk, Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)
  • Ozan Cakmak, International Labour Organization (ILO)
  • Yelda Devlet, International Organization for Migration (IOM)
  • Pelin Keceli Rodoplu, UNDP
  • Bulent Acikgoz, programme manager
  • Gorkem Guner, programme assistant
  • Aysegul Oguz Goodman, communications expert
  • Ceren Gokce, Antalya site manager

You can look forward to posts from the team on:

  • Youth employment in Turkey
  • All about Antalya – receiving some of the highest number of youth migrants in Turkey
  • The sectors that create employment in Antalya, and those with the potential to create employment, and what the UN is doing
  • Institutions in Antalya
  • Agricultural employment in Antalya
  • Youth and migration in Antalya
  • Vocational education and training in Antalya
  • How we work with ISKUR, the Turkish National Employment Agency

The Youth Employment and Migration programme promotes growth with decent work for all, one of 13 similar programmes throughout the world funded by the Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund.

In Turkey the programme is run through the coordination of the National Employment Agency, Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), International Labour Organization (ILO), the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and UNDP.

Please welcome our new team of bloggers and stay tuned for updates from Antalya.