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Get inspiration from our volunteers and build your own cardboard hostel. By 2015, more than 50 percent of organizations that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes. “Gamification” is a new buzzword sweeping the world. It is a method used to increase people’s engagement and inspire desired behaviour through games. Nongovernmental organizations started appreciating the… Read more »

Live tweeting and streaming from Jan Vandemoortele’s lecture on poverty in Africa


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Will faster economic growth, more foreign aid and better governance guarantee achievement of the Millennium Development Goals? Jan Vandemoortele, closely involved with the creation of the Millennium Development Goals, will challenge this view at the Kapuscinski lecture “Are the 3Gs enough to reduce poverty in Africa? Is it all about Growth, Grants or Governance?” You… Read more »

It’s time to include young people in development


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This year is very special. Last month United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced youth as a top priority and promised to address the needs of the largest generation of young people the world has ever known. This includes deepening the youth focus of existing programmes on employment, entrepreneurship, political inclusion, citizenship and protection of rights, and education, including reproductive… Read more »

The day my report became a TV show


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Video in Montenegrin language Whenever I organize a focus group for our National Human Development Report survey here in Montenegro, and I watch people, and listen to their stories, I always imagine them on TV. Wouldn’t they make better content than the boring faces and talk we usually get. People like single moms, students dreaming of their… Read more »

A review: Social media, accountability and public transparency


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Released in the fall of 2011 by UNDP, Social media, accountability and public transparency charts the landscape of social media and Internet services for nongovernmental activities, citizen activism and civic initiatives in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Online activism in Eastern Europe and the environment in which the projects are born is… Read more »

Are shrinking quotas in Russia pushing migrants into illegal work?

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According to the latest statement by Konstantin Romodanovskiy, Director of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation, every year 14 million foreign citizens visit Russia: 77 percent are citizens from countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States and 10 percent are European Union nationals (10.8 and 1.4 million people, respectively). About one third of… Read more »