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Durban youth activities, climate change negotiations

After a long night, negotiators are getting closer to agreeing on the structure of the Green Climate Fund.

The German Government pledged around $40 million to go to operational costs of the Fund – a sign they are confident that an agreement will be reached here in Durban.

Many are trying to decouple decisions on the Green Climate Fund from all other decisions that still need to be made, to better the chances of reaching an agreement on the Fund.

China wants the Fund set up before it makes its domestic climate change efforts binding under an international agreement. Other developing countries are also pushing for an agreement on the Fund’s design in Durban.

The fear is that it will remain an empty shell unless there is also agreement on where the money comes from.

Many issues are still under negotiation, the agenda is hectic and delegates are running from one room to another. Behind the scenes, the President of the Conference is leading an information consultation process, or indaba, trying to find solutions for controversial issues, and a positive overall outcome for Durban.


Indaba is an essential element of South African participatory democracy. A Zulu word, Indaba refers to a gathering of people, infused with wisdom, with a purpose of discussing a matter of great importance to the community – particularly problems that affect everyone – and to solve intractable or difficult collective challenges.

In successful indabas, participants come with open minds motivated by the spirit of the common good, listening to each other to find compromises that will benefit the community as a whole.

Pretty appropriate for the climate change negotiations, don’t you think?