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TEDxBratislava banner with human development

I’m sure everybody has seen Hans Rosling on TED. What a great advocate for human development and the Millennium Development Goals!

Everybody here at UNDP’s regional office in Bratislava is excited because TEDx is coming here – to Bratislava!

The neat thing about TED talks is that for eight or so minutes you become completely spellbound by the speakers’ passion and enthusiasm for what they do (everything from the hidden beauty of pollination to engineering the best office chair!).

So it’s a perfect platform for talking about development issues, which people are pretty passionate about already.

That’s why we’re especially excited – because our own Andrey Ivanov has been selected as one of the speakers. He’ll be talking about how economic growth has become everyone’s fixation – at the expense of human development.

I got a sneak peak since Andrey has been practicing and rehearsing and he has a pretty neat twist. He’s using the life cycle of garbage to point out our unsustainable ways and our obsessively consumer behaviour.

Andrey is in good company. The line up of speakers includes the likes of geneticist Martin Hajduk, who studied soy and flax seeds in contaminated soil nearby Chernobyl and analyzed their amazing adaptation to radioactivity, education for development specialists Andrej Návojský and Thomas Bhokor, and Goldman Environmental award winner Michal Kravčík.

We’ll be cheering for them all from Bratislava! And we’ll share Andrey’s video too, so stay tuned.

What: TEDx event

When: May 21

Where: Bratislava! (you can also watch it online)

Twitter hashtag: #tedxbask

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